At Coloumbia Egypt, we provide many services and make a difference by helping people to live and work in safe and secure environments to work in the security and cleaning services industries.

Coloumbia Egypt offers a unique variety of guarding, security, and cleaning services for businesses, schools, communities, and individuals. Our clients can count on us for their safety and interests because we offer the most secure and modern security.

Coloumbia Egypt - Office and corporate security

Office and corporate security

At Coloumbia Egypt, we understand that providing outstanding and consistent service...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Mall and commercial centers security

Mall and commercial centers security

Coloumbia Egypt Mall Security Services is a growing business. Nowadays, there...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Warehouse Security

Warehouse Security

A warehouse is one of the facilities prone to criminal activities such as theft,...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Security of events and activities

Security of events and activities

Columbia Egypt Security & Guard understands that each client requires a unique...

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Coloumbia Egypt - School/campus security

School/campus security

In Columbia Egypt, we take it upon ourselves to protect educational facilities,...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Hospital security services (clinic/hospital)

Hospital security services (clinic/hospital)

Hospitals need a security system and a qualified team to ensure safety for everyone...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Construction site security

Construction site security

At Coloumbia Egypt, we tailor our security strategies to meet the needs of your...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Residential building security

Residential building security

(Warning, Patrols, Armed/Unarmed Guards, Parking Patrol Services)


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