Coloumbia Egypt


Coloumbia Egypt's role is to provide the best security service and security guard services at affordable prices, approximately 50% lower than the competitors' price. Coloumbia Egypt is a licensed and insured security guard agency, under the regular work permits Number (196) and the regulating laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Coloumbia Egypt is considered one of the first companies established to provide security and cleaning services. Coloumbia Egypt headquarters is in Cairo since its inception in early 1997. Its headquarters is on Nasr Road, Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square, Nasr City.

Columbia Egypt has a team with over 20 years of experience in the security and guarding industry, cleaning services and we proudly continue to build our team every day, employing ex-police and military officers and veterans who occupy the majority of our staff. Columbia Egypt is constantly training its employees, background checks, criminal background records, fingerprint checks and most of all they have a passion for customer service.


Whether you need security officers, patrol vehicles or a watchful eye to take care of your business and interests, we are always committed to providing the best security solutions. Columbia Egypt will work hard to strategize a plan that will allow its customers to feel safe and have peace of mind.

While providing our security guard services, we always focus on what is important, which is detect shortcomings and developing solutions to prevent problems and accidents before they occur.


Columbia Egypt Security offers exceptional security services and we stand behind our highly experienced and highly trained security expert. Columbia Egypt also provides cleaning services at the highest level and with utmost efficiency.


Our team is fully equipped with the necessary uniforms and tools, a high level of training and competence and a report is written at the end of each shift and sent to the management for approval., so you'll never feel insecure when you turn to Coloumbia Egypt.

In order to provide security guard and cleaning services, we have a wide range and comprehensive list of programs and services that meet all the needs of our clients and gain their acceptance and satisfaction.