Coloumbia Egypt provides a wide variety of cleaning and sanitizing services for companies, What is more, we use eco-friendly, allergy-proof cleaning products with outstanding quality.

People everywhere need to know they are visiting and working in places that are clean, safe and hygienic. It’s not enough that it’s spotless. Every day, our custom cleaning services keep people healthy and safe, nurture wellbeing and shape strong and reputable workplaces – offering smart technology, best-in-class products and expertly trained people to give you peace of mind.

Coloumbia Egypt - Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning

Coloumbia Egypt has a highly qualified and trained team in cleaning hotel facades...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning

We provide professional office and commercial cleaning services with high standards,...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

In addition to our office cleaning and commercial cleaning service, Columbia Egypt...

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Coloumbia Egypt - Cafeteria Management

Cafeteria Management

Coloumbia Egypt has experts and technicians who can help you manage and operate...

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